Conservation Efforts   Hospital & Family Volunteer Service  

Educational Aid & Library Services



Our chapter is focused on conservation efforts in our community supporting a clean environment and preserving nature habitats.  The activities include the following: 

  • Planting trees in Madrona Marsh to provide habitats for birds and to pay tribute to our former members and extended families
  • Participating in Pennies for Pines, which supports the reforestation of the Angeles National Forest 
  • Growing air-purifying plants and milkweed to attract monarch butterflies to enhance pollination
  • Participating in highway and beach cleanup to preserve our environment in our local communities


As part of our community service we are active in local area hospitals and provide the following services:                                                                           

  • Collect and make items to support cancer patients 
  • Aid in patient care and comfort during their hospital stays
  • Participate as a patient greeter and provide guidance to hospital visitors
  • Provide food to support the local communities


We continue to focus on education in our community, as well as providing assistance in historical research that includes the following:


  • Volunteering at local schools to assist in administrative tasks 
  • Supporting literacy programs in our community by tutoring students
  • Focusing on helping our immigrant population by teaching English as a second language
  • Raising money to support American Indian schools throughout the country
  • Volunteering at local libraries to support genealogy research
  • Contributing books to the South Bay Cities Genealogy Society's permanent collection